Larry Foote, from Pittsburgh Steelers to Detroit Lions

The seven year veteran linebacker Larry Foote of the Pittsburgh Steelers will now wear the Detroit Lions Jersey.

Born on Detroit, Michigan, the 6-1, 239 pounder heads back home, as he signed a one year deal with the Detroit Lions on May 6, 2009. With Foote’s professional debut with the Steelers during the 2002 season, Foote requested his release after seven years of his pro career in Pittsburgh.

Larry played college football at the University of Michigan, where he was awarded as the Defensive Player of the Year being their team’s top linebacker during his senior year in 2001, before being drafted by the Steelers on the following year.

And now he comes back to Detroit and will finally play for his home town. Foote said that it’s a great opportunity to come home, and play for the Lions.

Foote will now join the defense line of the Detroit Lions. He will be joining the rest of the new veteran players in the team including linebacker Julian Peterson, defensive tackle Grady Jackson, and the cornerbacks Eric King, Phillip Buchanon, and Anthony Henry.

Foote is definitely a big impact to the Lions’ defense being a veteran, but at the same time, he has to deal also with the fact of being a new comer in his new team. Foote said that he just want to get mentally ready, to break to ice with his new teammates, and to prove his worth to the team. Foote had met Head Coach Jim Schwartz and the rest of the Lions staff last May 5. And so far, Foote had felt at home being with the Detroit Lions.

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