Favre, the future starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings?

The ever controversial Brett Favre thinks about coming out of his retirement…again.

After Brett’s “latest” retirement, The New York Jets being the last team he had played for, and who had formerly grant his release last May 2009, last June 15, it was said that Favre’s most likely considering playing again in the NFL, probably with the Minnesota Vikings.

Although Favre said that he had just undergone surgery on his arm, and it will still take him some weeks before finally concluding if he can or cannot play, and if he’s throwing arm will be all good for the coming season.

About the speculated arrangements with the Vikings for his allegedly return, Favre told that Vikings coach Brad Childress wanted him to attend the Minessota Viking’s recent team activities; but Favre declined to, so as to avoid some media frenzies once they saw him there; then after a few weeks, if the result of his rehab is not good, it will create another issue with the media, why he suddenly will not be available to play?! And to cut it short, Favre admit that he had some talks with the Vikings, but very occasionally for that matter, and that the team has not plans, as what he knows, on assessing his readiness to play.

As you can remember, Favre has already talked about retiring for the Nth time now. Recalling the first time he did decide for his retirement was when he was with the Green Bay Packers last 2008. There have been some issues and legal matters that had cause more conflict between Favre and the Packers, until his petition was at last granted on August 2008, and in which later on, Favre was traded by the Packers to the Jets.
After the season with Jets, Favre once again decided to retire, and told that is was for good.

And now, after 4-5 weeks, with the condition of his arm, say if it is good, do you think Favre will go for the 2009 season once more? Do you think Vikings will be ready to accept him as their new starting quarterback, and not just a backup? We’ll all find out, after some few weeks, and until the NFL season starts. And we’ll try to keep you posted with that.

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