Favre, the future starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings?-PART 2

Viking Head Coach Brad Childress talks about Favre’s possible chances to be a Vikings.

During an interview, Childress addresses Favre’s repaired throwing shoulder to be “pain free.”

Childress did close any statements regarding the status of whether Favre is going to play for the Vikings or not. Also, we are all aware that Favre’s doctor told, even Favre himself, that the outcome of his surgery can be known in a month or more from now. And he may have had his throwing shoulder repaired successfully, the quarterback veteran still needs to undergo a lot of trainings and medications until he is 100% sure that he can perform exactly like how he did before.

And now, that’s going to be a big question. Will the Brett Favre before can still perform well or even better with Favre’s shoulder’s condition? And will the Vikings can count on him as the playmaker of the team? Surely he’s an excellent football star, may be during his earlier years, but a lot better QBs emerging this time, will he still be able to surpass their performances?

If you can observe, the Viking still feels the need for a good QB to play their offense. The quarterback’s position for the Minnesota Vikings is known to be one of the few weak spots of the team that needs to be given some close attention and further tuning, especially now that the NFL season is yet to come.

Let us just all wait and see what will be the future, for both Favre and the Vikings.

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