Detroit Lions, torn between Stafford and Culpepper

Now that the 2009 NFL season is yet to open, some teams haven’t yet decided or are still in the “fuzz” of who’s going to be the starting player to play their offense.

Those teams include the Detroit Lions, where they are torn between the rookie John Matthew Stafford and the three-time Pro Bowl selection Daunte Richard Culpepper.

Hmm… does that sounded a bit unjust for you? Nothing to worry or feel bad about. In fact, many critics and analysts have predicted Stafford to play the starting position on week 1.

Anyway, Lions wouldn’t sign up the rookie for a $78M worth of contract deal with almost $42M guarantee, for nothing! That amount sure has to mean something, plus the fact that he was drafted 1st overall on the 2009 NFL Draft- indeed the Lions has really big plans for this guy.

Although Coach Schwart haven’t disclosed anything regarding whose going to be the opener on the game on Sept. 13, he always pertain to the best player- to take the place as their starting QB and thus- play the offense of the team.

In a little time, we’ll all find out and will either be glad or shocked, on who’s going to take that spot for the starting QB’s position of the Detroit Lions.

However, we are to expect a head-to-head battle between these two gentlemen who both seem so urged to get the position.

Stafford said during an interview that he has the mind-set to play the starting QB job for the Lions on the week 1 of this season. And that seeing other players to do their trainings very well, such as Daunte, makes him more inspired and motivated to play and make it even better for himself.

Culpepper, on the other hand, feels the same adrenaline as well. He too, believes that he’s going to be the man to play their offense, and thus to win the division. In fact, Culpepper is really making a great effort to show his potential as he comes back with a lot of trainings and discipline, including losing some weight. And Schwart have noticed that in fact, but still wouldn’t close any statements as of the moment.

Who do you think will get the spot for the Lion’s starting QB? We want to hear from you!

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