Let us feel for the Dallas Cowboys

All of us, may you be a Cowboys fan or not, were somewhat affected with the recent tragedy that happened to the team as their indoor facility at Valley Ranch collapsed last May 2 because of strong winds that devastated the entire area. If we are distressed about the tragedy, what more to the people, particularly to the Cowboys staff who were present and directly affected by the incident. There are those who acquired minor cuts and injuries, but there are those, as well, who were deeply wounded and misfortuned by the tragedy. Let’s feel for those unfamiliar faces, playing significant roles, behind success the Dallas Cowboys.

Chris Hall is the Cowboys’ college scouting coordinator since 2001. He had a medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear in his left knee and had dislocated his right shoulder. Hall needs to undergo further surgery to fix the damage by the dislocation.

Joe DeCamillis, at age of 43, has been active in the NFL for 20 years and now the Cowboys special teams coach this offseason. DeCamillis had fractured cervical vertebrae because of the incident.

Rich Behm, Cowboys scouting assistant, had sustained a severed spinal cord, resulting to permanent paralysis in the lower part of his body, from waist to toe. Behm remains in the intensive care unit at Parkland.

Greg Gaither, is one of the Cowboys’ four-man training staff, and had just entered his 8th year with the team. He underwent surgery because of fractured fibula and tibia in his right leg. The surgery is needed to eventually help the broken bones to stabilize and grow properly.

These people have suffered not just physically, but mentally as well because of the trauma caused by the tragedy. Let us pray, not just for them, but for all the folks who had been wounded and affected- to eventually recover, move on, and continue living their lives after the tragedy.

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