Delhomme’s stay extends with the Carolina Panthers

Last April 23, 2009, Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme had signed a 5-year contract extension with the Carolina Panthers, amounting to $42.5 million, with $20 million guarantee. The deal makes Delhomme tied with the Panthers till 2014.

The three day mini camp marked a new beginning for the Panthers, as the team met their new quarterback coach Rip Scherer. Rip formerly served as the quarterback coach and the assistant head coach for the Cleveland Browns. Rip started his coaching career in 1974 at Penn State. Mike McCoy, the Panthers former quarterback coach, is now the Broncos offensive coordinator.

The new coach introduced fresh schemes as shown in the quarterbacks’ individual drills during the minicamp. Instead of throwing into a barrel from different distances, the passers have to throw the ball into bags placed in different locations. The idea here is to practice and enhance the Panthers passers passing accuracy.

Also, Scherer aimed to develop further their passers footwork, by making them run over a series of bags while the coach hit them with a blocking dummy. This practice is also to develop the passer’s agility and alertness while protecting the ball against the opponent and while trying to pass it to a teammate.

Delhomme on the other hand, feels excited of having quarterback coach Rip Scherer. He’s excited about the new ideas the man has introduced and impart to the team and he’ll more than ready to learn those. Delhomme thinks that the changes are great, and to be a good player you must really go back and dig into the basics.

At 34, spending 6 seasons with the Saints from 1887 to 2002, and from 2003 to the present with the Carolina Panthers, Delhomme knows that he’s not getting any younger and an injury or anything like that might be the end of his career. According to Delhomme, above anything else, you must just look on how much you enjoy it, because you just never know what will happen next.