Favre, the future starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings?-PART 2

Viking Head Coach Brad Childress talks about Favre’s possible chances to be a Vikings.

During an interview, Childress addresses Favre’s repaired throwing shoulder to be “pain free.”

Childress did close any statements regarding the status of whether Favre is going to play for the Vikings or not. Also, we are all aware that Favre’s doctor told, even Favre himself, that the outcome of his surgery can be known in a month or more from now. And he may have had his throwing shoulder repaired successfully, the quarterback veteran still needs to undergo a lot of trainings and medications until he is 100% sure that he can perform exactly like how he did before.

And now, that’s going to be a big question. Will the Brett Favre before can still perform well or even better with Favre’s shoulder’s condition? And will the Vikings can count on him as the playmaker of the team? Surely he’s an excellent football star, may be during his earlier years, but a lot better QBs emerging this time, will he still be able to surpass their performances?

If you can observe, the Viking still feels the need for a good QB to play their offense. The quarterback’s position for the Minnesota Vikings is known to be one of the few weak spots of the team that needs to be given some close attention and further tuning, especially now that the NFL season is yet to come.

Let us just all wait and see what will be the future, for both Favre and the Vikings.

Favre, the future starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings?

The ever controversial Brett Favre thinks about coming out of his retirement…again.

After Brett’s “latest” retirement, The New York Jets being the last team he had played for, and who had formerly grant his release last May 2009, last June 15, it was said that Favre’s most likely considering playing again in the NFL, probably with the Minnesota Vikings.

Although Favre said that he had just undergone surgery on his arm, and it will still take him some weeks before finally concluding if he can or cannot play, and if he’s throwing arm will be all good for the coming season.

About the speculated arrangements with the Vikings for his allegedly return, Favre told that Vikings coach Brad Childress wanted him to attend the Minessota Viking’s recent team activities; but Favre declined to, so as to avoid some media frenzies once they saw him there; then after a few weeks, if the result of his rehab is not good, it will create another issue with the media, why he suddenly will not be available to play?! And to cut it short, Favre admit that he had some talks with the Vikings, but very occasionally for that matter, and that the team has not plans, as what he knows, on assessing his readiness to play.

As you can remember, Favre has already talked about retiring for the Nth time now. Recalling the first time he did decide for his retirement was when he was with the Green Bay Packers last 2008. There have been some issues and legal matters that had cause more conflict between Favre and the Packers, until his petition was at last granted on August 2008, and in which later on, Favre was traded by the Packers to the Jets.
After the season with Jets, Favre once again decided to retire, and told that is was for good.

And now, after 4-5 weeks, with the condition of his arm, say if it is good, do you think Favre will go for the 2009 season once more? Do you think Vikings will be ready to accept him as their new starting quarterback, and not just a backup? We’ll all find out, after some few weeks, and until the NFL season starts. And we’ll try to keep you posted with that.

Minnesota Vikings Joined the 2009 Race for the Cure

The Minnesota Vikings Team joined the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure last Mother’s day to contribute to breast cancer awareness move and to give honor to all breast cancer victims and survivors, as well as those who are just currently battling the disease.

The Vikings members and staff, together with their families joined the 5K run/walk along with the nearly 50,000 individuals, who joined together to help raise money for breast cancer awareness, education and research.

Some of the Vikings who were sighted in the event were LB Chad Greenway, QB John David Booty, OL Brian Daniels, and safety Eric Frampton, Viktor the Viking, and a handful of Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders.

During the event, aside from the participants in the 5k walk/run, a number of booths were also set up for the race. Including them were a Panera stand, a Caribou tent who gives away coffees, and the Vikings booth as well, attended by some of the Vikings players.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, together with its partners, supporters, and contributors, is known to be a global leader against breast cancer. Since 1982, the organization has already invested more than a billion dollars in its dedication to fight breast cancer all over the globe.

Thanks to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, to all breast cancer fighters, to all the participants in the run, and to every people who help in cancer awareness-that through their own little way, they can be a medium to help spread breast cancer awareness throughout the globe, so that people, especially women, will be educated and enlightened not to fear the diseases but to face it and fight it, and later on save more lives.

The first ever Fan Forum Call of the Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings, headed by Vikings Owner/President Mark Wilf and VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman facilitated on a Season Ticket Owner Conference Call last April 27, exclusive for the Vikings season ticket owners.

The idea of the move is to increase the enjoyment of the Vikings season ticket holders by giving them the opportunity to hear directly from the Vikings staff the latest happenings about the team particularly for the coming 2009 NFL season.

In cooperation with the company Broadnet, the conference calls were exclusive only for the Vikings season ticket owners.

The first ever Vikings Fan Forum flowed tremendously well as they had thousands of fans who participated, giving mostly positive comments and feedback, according to the Vikings VP of Sales & Marketing/CMO Steve LaCroix. LaCroix added that the team is looking forward in doing this kind of move again, in the future.

The forum was hosted Vikings and KFAN radio personality Paul Allen. The program lasted for more than an hour, having smooth and light conversations among Allen, Wilf, Spielman, and the callers who were given the privilege to talk and ask questions about their beloved Minnesota Vikings.

The team is still in the arrangement of conducting the Vikings Fan Forum again, may be two or more programs to go before the 2009 season ends. This move is a continuous effort made by the Minnesota Vikings to maintain a harmonious regular communication with the Vikings fanatics and followers, and of course, to encourage more fans to purchase their season tickets.