Anthony Adams of the Chicago Bears, a move towards a healthy heart.

Defensive tackle Anthony Adams of the Chicago Bears came home to Detroit, Michigan last Sunday, May 3, to participate at the pre-Mother’s Day luncheon, for the benefit of the American Heart Association.

Adams’ purpose is to help spread awareness to the people about different heart diseases, which in return, should take care of themselves, to prevent it and to have a healthy heart.

Adams contributed in the event, together with his mother, Connie Davis. The retired halfback Jerome Bettis, also a Detroit native, participated with the awareness program as well, together with his mom, Gladys Bettis, who actually has a heart disease.

Adams, can relate too, because in fact, his grandma Shirley Myrick happens to have the same case, and had undergone triple-bypass surgery already.

Adams shared his feelings about seeing someone you love suffer because of the condition has never been a good thing. And that through the event, he can be a medium in providing awareness to the people about how important and delicate our heart is. Adams also added that it is not enough to feel healthy- we should live healthy and take those checkups regularly.

The American Heart Association is a national voluntary agency that aims to build healthier lives, free from any heart disease. Its goal is to reduce the incidents of coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood cholesterol, and other related heart ailments.

This month is the American Stroke Month. And together with Anthony Adams, and the other responsible individuals, let’s join them by having a healthy living, and realizing the importance of having a healthy heart, and body, as a whole.