Let us feel for the Dallas Cowboys

All of us, may you be a Cowboys fan or not, were somewhat affected with the recent tragedy that happened to the team as their indoor facility at Valley Ranch collapsed last May 2 because of strong winds that devastated the entire area. If we are distressed about the tragedy, what more to the people, particularly to the Cowboys staff who were present and directly affected by the incident. There are those who acquired minor cuts and injuries, but there are those, as well, who were deeply wounded and misfortuned by the tragedy. Let’s feel for those unfamiliar faces, playing significant roles, behind success the Dallas Cowboys.

Chris Hall is the Cowboys’ college scouting coordinator since 2001. He had a medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear in his left knee and had dislocated his right shoulder. Hall needs to undergo further surgery to fix the damage by the dislocation.

Joe DeCamillis, at age of 43, has been active in the NFL for 20 years and now the Cowboys special teams coach this offseason. DeCamillis had fractured cervical vertebrae because of the incident.

Rich Behm, Cowboys scouting assistant, had sustained a severed spinal cord, resulting to permanent paralysis in the lower part of his body, from waist to toe. Behm remains in the intensive care unit at Parkland.

Greg Gaither, is one of the Cowboys’ four-man training staff, and had just entered his 8th year with the team. He underwent surgery because of fractured fibula and tibia in his right leg. The surgery is needed to eventually help the broken bones to stabilize and grow properly.

These people have suffered not just physically, but mentally as well because of the trauma caused by the tragedy. Let us pray, not just for them, but for all the folks who had been wounded and affected- to eventually recover, move on, and continue living their lives after the tragedy.

New York Giants give high credit to the rookies

Analyzing the Giants’ passing attack, they may not have the best home run hitter, or the fastest wide out in the league, but they are, however, equipped with players who can throw in singles, doubles, or triples and still earn a lot of scores for the New York Giants.

Eli Manning, Giants’ quarterback veteran, shared his confidence about the team. Manning explained that he’s very convinced that these guys, referring to the Giants’ newest receivers, can indeed deliver a high level performance in the field.

The new targets for Manning to throw the ball to were the newly recruits WR Hakeem Nicks, WR Ramses Barden and tight end Travis Beckum. They are going to join Giants’ current receivers Sinorice Moss, David Tyree, Domenik Hixon, Mario Manningham, Steve Smith, as well as tight end Kevin Boss. Manning believes that through these fellows, the team can produce a prolific passing attack, even without Amani Toomer and Plaxico Burress, who were both free agents now. Manning shared how he counts on the rookies, and to the rest of the Giants’ receivers. He told that they got the freshest guys who play well, and together with the team, they can help each other to develop each potential, become more experienced, and improve their moves inside the field.

Though that may be kind of tough, especially for the rookie wide receivers, according to Steve Smith. You have to keep you body healthy, while doing so much things like workout, training and others, while also enduring the pain cause by the injuries, Smith shared his experience during his first pro season. Smith also added that he want to impart to these draftees to also do what he had done before when he was a rookie too.

David Tyree, being the most experienced receiver in the group having his 7 seasons with the Giants, explained that if a player does not feel his hungry enough to be the champ then he may not have the correct mind set. And being the veteran among the line, he, together with the others, they should help Hakeem and Ramses, and the other greenhorns as well, to get better and better, because at the end of the day, they are all teammates, belonging to one team, playing as one.

Although it may be a tough learning process, the team believes and knows that the rookies can help the Giants this NFL season.

Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles- focusing at football above anything else

Thursday evening, April 24, Eagles’ cornerback Sheldon Brown arrived at the NovaCare Complex to attend for the Philadelphia Eagles meeting about their coming post-draft mini-camp.
There had been earlier issues about Brown dissatisfactions with his contract, although Brown cleared to everyone but he just wanted to share what he feels but it has nothing to do with the game. It never came to his mind to miss the team’s mandatory off-season practices and trainings. Sheldon also explained that his goal is to focus on football and that he’s going to do his job regardless of anything. Brown subsequently apologized to the fans about the matter.

Brown was drafted by the Eagles on the second round of the 2002 NFL Draft out of the University of South Carolina. He earned the most attention during the NFC Divisional Playoff Game, when he prevented the New Orleans Saints’ Reggie Bush from catching a pass, and knocked Bush to the ground eventually. Some football analysts even considered it as the hit of the year.
Brown also has a record of 3 touchdowns returned, from 1 interceptions, and 1 fumble: (during the 4th week of the 2005 NFL season- a 40-yd touchdown from an interception; during the 5th week of the 2005 season- an 80-yd touchdown return from an interception; and during the 10th week of the 2006 NFL season – a 70-yd touchdown return from an interception). For his entire seven years in the league, Brown has never let pass any game yet.
As the Eagles enter their mini-camp, perhaps the deepest concern here is the team’s cornerback position. Since the Eagles had just welcomed New England’s Ellis Hobbs, when he was traded by the Patriots on the day 2 of the 2009 NFL Draft for two 5th round selections. Although Head Coach Andy Reid of the Eagles eventually exclaimed that the move is irrelevant with Brown’s issue about his contract, but instead a move to insert an experienced player to the team.
Brown on the other hand, is not affected about the possible competition between him and Hobbs. He even added that he actually likes Ellis, and if he makes the Philadelphia Eagles a better team, then he definitely needs to be one of them on the football field.

Washington Redskins’ mix and match for 2009

What’s the latest twist for the Redskins? Well, the coaches headed by Jim Zorn, is currently in the process of mix and matching the Redskins’ veteran players with some of the new faces in the team.
As Marcus Washington was released by the Redskins last February 9, 2009, a job for a strong side linebacker was opened up.
Brian Orakpo, Redskins’ current defensive end, was prospected to be playing as a linebacker as well. Head coach Zorn said that Orakpo could be in the action of a linebacker on first or second down, then move to defensive-end later. Brian, subsequently, told that he had done that before and is very open to the challenge if needed.
Alongside with Orakpo, linebacker Rocky McIntosh is also planned to move from the weak side to the strong side. Zorn added that the two, McIntosh and Orakpo, gives them some flexibility, and while trying to mix and match everything, they do not exactly know what will be the outcome, but they are currently working that out.
H.B. Blades, as well, who played as a strong side linebacker last year, is thought to be placed as a middle linebacker. Also, there had been discussions about defensive end Chris Wilson, moving back to the strong side linebacker.

As McIntosh was moved to the opposite side, Redskins creates an opening for his old position.
#94 Robert Thomas, a seven year veteran linebacker, is one prospective to the team, as he signed with the Washington Redskins last April 9, 2009.
Also, Alfred Fincher, who formerly played for the New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions, and the Washington Redskins, has re-signed with the Redskins last March 10, 2009. Fincher has experience playing at the weak side, but as a strong side linebacker as well. He is also expected to play on the special teams.
The rookies Cody Glenn and Robert Henson were also drafted by the Redskins as potentials for the weak-side linebacker position.
Glenn, who played mostly at the weak-side side for Nebraska, was the 22nd pick of the Redskins in the 5th round on the 2009 NFL Draft.
Henson, on the other hand, who played as middle linebacker at TCU, was selected as 13th pick in the 6th round of the draft.
The two were also planned to have their spots and play for the Redskins’ special teams.

However, linebacker London Fletcher, retains his position as the Redskins’ middle linebacker.