Running back L.T. still remains with the San Diego Chargers

Running back LaDainian Tomlinson absolutely belongs under the Chargers.

After an agreement between Tomlinson and the Chargers about L.T.’s contract restructure on March 10, 2009, the running back remains with the San Diego Chargers.

As Tomlinson returns to San Diego, he was able to participate in the three-day mini camp of the Chargers.

L.T. looks great, according to Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner. After suffering from a torn groin during the last season, Tomlinson looks perfectly in shape and hasn’t shown any difference at all.

Tomlinson said on the other hand, that it’s good to run around again, to be healthy, and definitely to be in action.

At the age of 30, the eight-year veteran surely has a lot more to offer. And although he had a career low last season with 1,110 yards rushing, L.T. is still one the bests, in fact the fourth best running back in the American Football Conference of the NFL.

Tomlinson also added that despite of his previous injury, he wasn’t restricted of anything and he feels great to know that, although he cannot avoid being concerned about how it is going to be when it’s the first time to be back in the field after the incident.

L.T. acknowledges the progress of his team as the mini camp continues. He gave credit especially to the newest member of the Chargers’ roster who where undeniably making good impressions to the team. In addition to that, Tomlinson told that it’s really good to have these young potentials to be around, and be added to the Chargers family.

Although the mini camp went pretty well, some Chargers were not able to participate in the event. Including those players who are still in recovery are defensive tackle Jamal Williams (knee injury), left tackle Marcus McNeill (neck injury), tight end Antonio Gates (toe injury), and linebacker Shawne Merriman (knee injury).