Matt Cassel, The New Quarterback Of The Kansas City Chiefs

Now that Brady’s back in shape to get in action, Matt Cassel, who was previously assigned as the Patriots QB for Brady’s replacement, is now traded to his new team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to Matt Cassel’s interview with NFL’s senior columnist Vic Carucci, Cassel is indeed very excited and in fact, has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, that is, to finally get to have his own team for the last 8 years.

“Now I’m a Kansas City Chief, I know it’s gonna come true, and I’m excited and eager to get out there, and get to work everyday,” Cassel told in the interview.

During the Chiefs mandatory minicamp, all the players of the Kansas City Chiefs assembled and met in the field, together with their new quarterback. Even if Head Coach Todd Haley didn’t give any clue, many predict that Cassel will play as the starter in this coming 2009 season opener for the Chiefs.

Cassel’s new teammate WR Bobby Engram says he’s very impressed with the guy. Engram told that Cassel has really shown that he’s going to be the man that the team can really rely on.

Cassel added on his interview that Tom Brady, with Cassel’s time with the Patriots, had taught him a lot, and that every time he goes out in the field, he still follows everything the great QB has taught him. Cassel even mentioned that “Tom Brady has took me under his wings, and just taught me everything that I need to know about playing the position.”

As we can recall, Brady’s injury last season was cause by Bernard Pollard, which happens to be the safety of Kansas City Chiefs. And now that Cassel, which had once fill the position for Tom, becomes be a part of the team who actually cause the trouble to his previous team; and at the same time, the reason why he was given the opportunity to play as the quarterback for the Patriots. Cassel, on the other hand, told that he personally thinks that the hit was unintentional and just a part of the game.

Head Coach Haley also showed some good impression about the team’s newest quarterback. He told that Cassel has really shown how to be a leader for his team. Haley also added that they want their QBs to really work hard, and Cassel has definitely shown and impressed him with that.

Season Ticket Referral Program by the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders conducts a new agenda on making its way of thanking their avid fans, most especially those Season Ticket Holders, and give credit to those that are referring their friends, families, classmates and colleagues to purchase Season Tickets as well.

With the Raiders Referral Program, existing ticket holders are entitled to be given the 3% of the value of each purchased referred Season Tickets. Aside from that, they will also be given 250 Raiders Rewards points for every new account they refer.

So how’s that going to work? For those Season Ticket holders who desire to partake in the Raiders Referral Program, they just need to call 1-800-RAIDERS to reach out their Ticket Service Manager and give them necessary info like the names and contact numbers of those who may be interested to purchase Season Tickets, which will later benefit too, through the referral program. And once the tickets were fully paid, the ticket holder who made the referral will surely receive 3% value of each ticket purchased plus 250 Raiders reward points for every referred account.

Definitely, the Oakland Raiders, along with their viewers and fanatics were all thrilled for this upcoming season. And through the Raiders Referral program, the Raiders expect for more fans to go out there and cheer for them this 2009 season playoffs. As more football enthusiasts appear and watch the play, and as more Raiders fans make their way to come and see the game, those Season Ticket holders will surely build an Oakland Raiders nation, and that’s in fact, what the team is looking forward to.

Communication, a bond that keeps Denver Broncos together

Last year can be considered as one the most impressive seasons for the Broncos talented offensive lines.

And it’s good to know that the team’s five starters are still solid as before, as one of them, center Casey Wiegmann, was previously having some thoughts about his retirement.

Ryan Harris, Broncos’ offensive tackle, told that they are happy knowing that Wiegmann stays with the team. He even added that the veteran lineman’s leadership is undeniably priceless. And as the weekend rookie mini camp arrived, Wiegmann had certainly made an impact serving as an inspiration to the greenhorns.

Seth Olsen, a new recruit of the Broncos from Iowa Hakeyes shared what the veteran had advised him. Wiegmann told him to be focused and to learn as much as he can, be a sponge, and just try to absorb everything.

Harris said that Wiegmann’s ways makes him a communicator, which happens to be, possibly, one of the most significant factors that the offensive linemen should keep in mind: to communicate quickly and clearly with each other. And as the communication is enhanced, the team got to move faster and got to play more efficient.

Blake Schlueter, another newly recruit center for the Broncos, highly praised the offensive line’s communication as amazing, and it is not difficult to figure out why the group has been so successful. Schlueter even added that everyone just jells together very well, and having that good relationship among the team just simply paid off well.

As the Broncos offensive linemen already set its record just in their first season together, what the group is looking forward to is how Head Coach Josh McDaniels’ offensive schemes, together with Running Backs Coach Bobby Turner’s and Offensive Line Coach Rick Dennison’s techniques will even surpass their performance last year. Hopefully, this year’s season will be a lot better, and through communication, that is definitely attainable.

Running back L.T. still remains with the San Diego Chargers

Running back LaDainian Tomlinson absolutely belongs under the Chargers.

After an agreement between Tomlinson and the Chargers about L.T.’s contract restructure on March 10, 2009, the running back remains with the San Diego Chargers.

As Tomlinson returns to San Diego, he was able to participate in the three-day mini camp of the Chargers.

L.T. looks great, according to Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner. After suffering from a torn groin during the last season, Tomlinson looks perfectly in shape and hasn’t shown any difference at all.

Tomlinson said on the other hand, that it’s good to run around again, to be healthy, and definitely to be in action.

At the age of 30, the eight-year veteran surely has a lot more to offer. And although he had a career low last season with 1,110 yards rushing, L.T. is still one the bests, in fact the fourth best running back in the American Football Conference of the NFL.

Tomlinson also added that despite of his previous injury, he wasn’t restricted of anything and he feels great to know that, although he cannot avoid being concerned about how it is going to be when it’s the first time to be back in the field after the incident.

L.T. acknowledges the progress of his team as the mini camp continues. He gave credit especially to the newest member of the Chargers’ roster who where undeniably making good impressions to the team. In addition to that, Tomlinson told that it’s really good to have these young potentials to be around, and be added to the Chargers family.

Although the mini camp went pretty well, some Chargers were not able to participate in the event. Including those players who are still in recovery are defensive tackle Jamal Williams (knee injury), left tackle Marcus McNeill (neck injury), tight end Antonio Gates (toe injury), and linebacker Shawne Merriman (knee injury).

TE Gonzalez, Goodbye Kansas City Chiefs, Hello Atlanta Falcons!

April 28, 2009 at Kansas City, Missouri, Gonzalez put up a conference at a downtown hotel to bid farewell to the people of the city, most especially to the fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.
Gonzales was previously chosen by the Chiefs during the 1st round of the 1997 NFL Draft. Started his professional career at 21, he had shown superb action in the field during his rookie season with the Chiefs with 33 receptions and 2 touchdowns, which actually helped the team to finish with the best record in the American Football Conference.

For more than a decade, TE had been part of the Chiefs family, and had been part of the city itself. Although he obviously resembles a mixed emotion about leaving the city, TE, on the other hand, do not have any ill feeling towards the Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and Gen. Manager Scott Pioli. Gonzalez, also told in the conference, that although they haven’t won a playoff game yet, still, he wouldn’t trade it with anything, pertaining to the team, and the city, where TE had found his niche for the last 11 years.

As Kansas City says “goodbye” to Gonzalez, will it be a “welcome” at Atlanta? As Gonzalez shown his melancholy about leaving the city, and stated that he feels anxious, scared, and even a little weird in being with the Falcons, will it be a positive reception for him as he arrives there? Will the people of Atlanta welcoming a stranger that they once considered as a contender? Nevertheless, despite of the anxiety, Gonzalez looks at the positive side of it. He even announced that he actually feels excited in going out there, to meet new people, in particular the players of Atlanta, and be a part of his new family.

Tony Gonzalez was traded by the Chiefs to the Atlanta Falcons on April 23, 2009, in exchange for a second-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.