Tennessee Titans welcomes a Rutgers rookie

The number doesn’t make the player; instead, it’s the other way around.

Those were some words from Kenny Britt, no. 88 wide receiver of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, now Tennessee Titans’ no. 18.
Britt was grabbed by the Titans as 30th pick overall in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. Unable to retain his old number in his new home, Kenny didn’t mind it at all; all he had in his thoughts is that he definitely got the enormous opportunity being a Titan now.

It was kind of surprising that the New York Giants, which happen to pick right before the Titans, didn’t chose Britt, but instead Hakeem Nicks of the UNC. Maybe the Giants thought Nicks is better than Britt. Britt expressed that he felt that way actually, following his words that he believes everything happens for a reason.

Well, definitely the Tennessee Titans’ mind is far different from what the Giants have in theirs. As Tennessee Coach Jeff Fisher sees a lot of potential with this young man, he even regarded Britt as being the player that is destined to make an impact for the Titans offense. It’s not just the size or his background at Rutgers, it is also about how he is being an athlete and the competitiveness he has in nature, surely, Fishers impressive thoughts about Britt makes him expect for more from the newly drafted wide receiver.

The Titans, in fact, had been making its way to further strengthen their offensive lines. That is why they’ve picked running back Chris Johnson during the 2008 season; even got WB Nate Washington from the Pittsburgh Steelers and signed him this March 2. And that’s also the reason why they recruited tight end Jared Cook. And for that very same obvious reason, the Titans now includes Kenny Britt in their line of weapons.

Coach Fisher counts on Britt a lot, and even named him as accomplished route runner. Fisher believes that he’s got a pretty special offensive line, but nevertheless, the team still tries to improve more and strive to get better and better.