Jacksonville Jaguars’ predicted starters for the 2009 season

Quarterback David Garrard did not sound bothered at all even if his last seasons’ running back, left tackle, and wide receivers were all gone.

During the Jaguars’ mini camp, Garrard shared that he feel excited about how the Jaguars staff was coming up to the plan of welcoming new faces this 2009 season.

Talking about head coach Jack Del Rio and Gen Manager Gene Smith, Garrard told that he thinks these two did made a great decision and he is looking forward to see what these new talents will have to show in the coming playoffs.

As the air is packed with new players surrounding the Jaguars field, and while others have become undrafted, it definitely means that the Jaguars’ roster continuously moves.

Garrard explained those players who were released, namely wide receivers Reggie Williams and Matt Jones, is not to be called the ‘bad apples’, but instead, the guys who made the mistakes. And by doing so, that is the result of what has been done. The two remains as undrafted free agents.

However, newly recruit wide receiver Mike Thomas, who played for the Arizona Wildcats, is one great potential to the Jaguars, and definitely the team has big plans for the young athlete.

Thomas had been a great player for the Wildcats, and will surely be, for the Jaguars also. He was even match up to Carolina star Steve Smith. In which on the other hand, Thomas, said, that he’s very humbled and truly love it to be compared with the fellow wide receiver.

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew is planned to be the new team’s running back, the former role of Fred Taylor, who’s now the with the New England Patriots. Newly drafted Eugene Monroe from the University of Virginia, will play as the offensive tackle of the Jaguars, replacing Khalif Barnes, who presently belongs to the Raiders. Monroe will now serve as Garrard’s left tackle. Wide receiver Torry Holt, however, is predicted to be the no. 1 receiver of Garrard.

Will there be another mix and match with the Jaguars roster? Let’s just find out as the Jaguars heads towards their organized teams activity days.