Houston Texans Sells Sponsorships For Practice Jerseys

The Houston Texans grabs the chance to sell sponsorships on their practice jerseys.

With this new NFL rule, the Texans are taking the advantage of selling sponsorship patches, to be placed on the left shoulder of their jerseys.

Aside from this new rule, the NFL also allowed the teams to have their logos at the back of the playing cards, to be sold by the lotteries on their respective places.

However, the NFL only allowed this for practice jerseys, but not on game jerseys.

This week, the Texans have attached their bull head emblems on their uniforms, showing an indication for prospective customers where the small sponsorship patches (which should be around 3.5 by 4.5 inches) will be placed.

Due to the economic situation, even the world of sports is now trying to make efforts to find more ways in gaining extra revenues. Although according to the Texans President Jamey Rootes, the move has nothing to do with the economic behavior we are experiencing today. And more than anything, setting the economy trend aside, their main goal is to look for more innovative means to gain revenue, so that in return, they will be more focused on their on-field products, and with that, they will be able to share more fun and satisfaction to their fans and supporters.

Rootes added that the sponsorship patch is just a part of an expected bigger market affiliation with potential sponsors.

While some are giving negative speculations about this move, let us just respect the Texans decision regarding this matter. Anyway, their intentions are good, as explain by Rootes, (plus it is allowed in the rules) and is carefully decided for the benefit of all.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ predicted starters for the 2009 season

Quarterback David Garrard did not sound bothered at all even if his last seasons’ running back, left tackle, and wide receivers were all gone.

During the Jaguars’ mini camp, Garrard shared that he feel excited about how the Jaguars staff was coming up to the plan of welcoming new faces this 2009 season.

Talking about head coach Jack Del Rio and Gen Manager Gene Smith, Garrard told that he thinks these two did made a great decision and he is looking forward to see what these new talents will have to show in the coming playoffs.

As the air is packed with new players surrounding the Jaguars field, and while others have become undrafted, it definitely means that the Jaguars’ roster continuously moves.

Garrard explained those players who were released, namely wide receivers Reggie Williams and Matt Jones, is not to be called the ‘bad apples’, but instead, the guys who made the mistakes. And by doing so, that is the result of what has been done. The two remains as undrafted free agents.

However, newly recruit wide receiver Mike Thomas, who played for the Arizona Wildcats, is one great potential to the Jaguars, and definitely the team has big plans for the young athlete.

Thomas had been a great player for the Wildcats, and will surely be, for the Jaguars also. He was even match up to Carolina star Steve Smith. In which on the other hand, Thomas, said, that he’s very humbled and truly love it to be compared with the fellow wide receiver.

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew is planned to be the new team’s running back, the former role of Fred Taylor, who’s now the with the New England Patriots. Newly drafted Eugene Monroe from the University of Virginia, will play as the offensive tackle of the Jaguars, replacing Khalif Barnes, who presently belongs to the Raiders. Monroe will now serve as Garrard’s left tackle. Wide receiver Torry Holt, however, is predicted to be the no. 1 receiver of Garrard.

Will there be another mix and match with the Jaguars roster? Let’s just find out as the Jaguars heads towards their organized teams activity days.

Houston Texans needs a Dunta Robinson

Cornerback Dunta Robinson has been staying in New Jersey as his agents negotiate about his contract with the Houston Texans. Surprisingly, the cornerback showed up for the Texans’ youth football camp and helped his teammates linebacker DeMeco Ryans and wide receiver Andre Johnson facilitate in the event.

Between the drills, Dunta is giving updates about his situation with the Texans, specially his contract with the team. Dunta explained that he understands that it’s the franchise’s business and he knows it’s nothing personal. The only thing that he had been so affected was when the team used a tag on him, in whom Dunta admitted, felt betrayed.

Dunta made it clear that all he wants to do is just to try to get what he thinks he deserves. And despite of the scenario, Dunta still pays high credit to his team; telling that the Houston Texans is the team that gave him the chance to show what he got and he definitely wants to be a part of it. He even pointed out that he’d love to retire being a Texan.

Although Dunta had not been visible during their offseason workouts, he, still, has a constant communication with selected teammates, who had been supportive to him since the franchise tag incident.

Andre Johnson shared his feelings about Robinson’s absence. It feels different, especially if you are close to your teammate, that’s what Andre told about Dunta. Johnson added that he, Dunta and DeMeco were the closest guys and it doesn’t feel the same if one of them is not around.

DeMeco Ryans as well, was having some contract issues, making him missed two weeks of the Texans’ offseason workout program. But after a while, the linebacker decided to come back and let his agents handle the problem. DeMeco shared that he really appreciates the support that his teammates have been giving him, and he believes that Dunta will overcome those issues and hopefully be back for good soon.

Ryans explains the importance of support for each other. As these players technically belongs on the same team, on one family. And being a family, they have to love and support each other. Ryans pointed out that the Texans definitely needs a Dunta Robinson, and Ryans knows Robinson will indeed be ready for action this coming season.

Tennessee Titans welcomes a Rutgers rookie

The number doesn’t make the player; instead, it’s the other way around.

Those were some words from Kenny Britt, no. 88 wide receiver of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, now Tennessee Titans’ no. 18.
Britt was grabbed by the Titans as 30th pick overall in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. Unable to retain his old number in his new home, Kenny didn’t mind it at all; all he had in his thoughts is that he definitely got the enormous opportunity being a Titan now.

It was kind of surprising that the New York Giants, which happen to pick right before the Titans, didn’t chose Britt, but instead Hakeem Nicks of the UNC. Maybe the Giants thought Nicks is better than Britt. Britt expressed that he felt that way actually, following his words that he believes everything happens for a reason.

Well, definitely the Tennessee Titans’ mind is far different from what the Giants have in theirs. As Tennessee Coach Jeff Fisher sees a lot of potential with this young man, he even regarded Britt as being the player that is destined to make an impact for the Titans offense. It’s not just the size or his background at Rutgers, it is also about how he is being an athlete and the competitiveness he has in nature, surely, Fishers impressive thoughts about Britt makes him expect for more from the newly drafted wide receiver.

The Titans, in fact, had been making its way to further strengthen their offensive lines. That is why they’ve picked running back Chris Johnson during the 2008 season; even got WB Nate Washington from the Pittsburgh Steelers and signed him this March 2. And that’s also the reason why they recruited tight end Jared Cook. And for that very same obvious reason, the Titans now includes Kenny Britt in their line of weapons.

Coach Fisher counts on Britt a lot, and even named him as accomplished route runner. Fisher believes that he’s got a pretty special offensive line, but nevertheless, the team still tries to improve more and strive to get better and better.

Indianapolis Colts goodbyes 2, welcomes 2

The Indianapolis Colts welcomed two new members in the family. May 4, 2009 when the Colts announced that they have signed two undrafted college free agents namely quarterback Christopher T. Crane and linebacker Michael Tauiliili.

Christopher, or Chris Crane, is a quarterback recruit from the Boston College Eagles. During his senior year at Boston, he had completed 18 out of 35 passes for 155 yards and a touchdown during the BC’s annual spring game. During the 2007 season, Crane was seen in limited action as he got to play for two games only. First was during a game against the Army on September 22, Chris finishing one of two passing for 15 yards in the game. The other was on October 10, where Chris completed one of two passes for 13 yards during the game against the Bowling Green. After being red shirted during the 2004 and playing only in one game during the 2005 season against the Ball State, Crane got to show real action during the 2006 season, where he completed 17 out of 26 pass attempts for 142 yards and a touchdown against the Buffalo Bulls on October 28. During a game against Maine Black Bears, Chris got to complete 3 of 3 pass attempts for 9 yards; and on a game versus the Duke Blue Devils, Chris also did a good play by completing 2 out of 3 passes for 41 yards. The 6-4, 239 pounder guy was born on April 18, 1986, and took his course under the College of Arts & Sciences in Boston College. Crane was signed by the Colts last May 3.

On the other hand, Mike Tauiliili, who played college football for Duke Blue Devils, is another newly recruit linebacker by the Indianapolis Colts. Tauiliili being a starter middle linebacker for 4 years for the Duke, was once awarded as the National Defensive Player of the Week by the Walter Camp Foundation, because of his performance against Virginia, which made the Blue Devils won 31-3. Mike was also honored as the Defensive MVP on the East-West Shrine Bowl. The 5-11, 225 pounder Mike was born on October 29, 1986.

However, punter Mike Dragosavich and linebacker Rufus Alexander were waived by the Colts also this Monday, May 4.