Cleveland Browns welcomes Lockett

The Cleveland Browns’ roster keeps on moving, as they signed safety Bret Lockett on May 4, 2009 as a college free agent.

Playing college football for the University of California, Los Angeles, Bret started in 11 games during his senior year. He also had his career best of 12 tackles against a game with Arizona. Bret as well, led the UCLA football team against Fresno State with 11 stops. During the game against Washington State, he recorded 4 tackles; and with 7 tackles, Bret led the team against Oregon. On 2006, Bret was shown playing in all 13 games of the UCLA as a free safety, playing mostly on special teams. During his high school at Diamond Bar, he played the role of a safety, a wide receiver, and a linebacker.

Born with a full name of Bret Emanuel Lockett on October 7, 1986, by Frederick and Janice Lockett, Bret has one sister named Tatum, and a brother named Kolin.

Lockett is a Political Science major. Aside from football of course, Bret loves playing video games, reading, dancing, and being with his family. He has a high regard to the great Walter Payton, who was known to be one of the most dynamic running backs in the history of NFL and American football. According to Bret, he admires Payton a lot and sets him as an example from where he models his playing techniques.

On the other hand, also on that same day, the Browns decided to waive cornerback Antonio Smith, wide receiver Brent Casteel, tight end Mike Massey, and safety Corey Boudreaux.