Cleveland Browns welcomes Lockett

“I do not see myself as a backup.” Those were some words from the eight-year veteran running back Dominic Rhodes, one of the newest piece on the Buffalo’s offense team.

Dominic Dondrell Rhodes signed a two year contract deal with the Buffalo Bills last April 17, 2009.

As Rhodes signed the deal for the backup running back position, Dominic on the other hand doesn’t see himself that way. The RB exclaimed that he doesn’t consider himself being a backup, and that he doesn’t go there to sit on the bench, but instead to start the season, specifically the Buffalo’s game against the New England Patriots. Dominic also added that when he plays the game, he would not provide any reason for anyone to take him out of it, but to keep him in action inside the field. Rhodes even told that through intensive training and hard play, he’ll definitely show them everything he has to offer.

Rhodes started his pro career with the Indianapolis Colts, as he signed with the Colts as an undrafted free agent in the 2001 NFL Draft.
During the 2001 season against Kansas City Chiefs, starting running back Edgerrin James of the Colts, accidentally had a knee injury, resulting to Rhodes, playing for his position for the rest of the 2001 season. Although Rhodes happen to start only the last 9 games for that season, he had recorded to ran the most rushing yards being an undrafted rookie, with 1104 yds. Unluckily, Rhodes didn’t get the chance to play for the whole 2002 season because of anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. Although after recovering, he once again was shown great action for the rest of his years with the Colts. Under the Colts, Dominic had received a Super Bowl ring during the Super Bowl XLI on February 4, 2007.
After seven seasons with the Colts, Rhodes signed with the Oakland Raiders, a two year deal amounting to $7.5M on March 9, 2007. Although only after a month, he was freed by the Raiders on April 28, after choosing RB Darren McFadden during the 2008 draft.
May 7th, when Dominic reunited with the Colts for a one-year contract. And until a year later, Dominic is now under a two-year contract with the Buffalo Bills, signed last April 17, 2009.

At the moment, as RB Marshawn Lynch will be unavailable because of his suspension, together with RB Fred Jackson and rookie Xavier Omon, Rhodes is expected to fill and solidify the running back position.