Communication, a bond that keeps Denver Broncos together

Last year can be considered as one the most impressive seasons for the Broncos talented offensive lines.

And it’s good to know that the team’s five starters are still solid as before, as one of them, center Casey Wiegmann, was previously having some thoughts about his retirement.

Ryan Harris, Broncos’ offensive tackle, told that they are happy knowing that Wiegmann stays with the team. He even added that the veteran lineman’s leadership is undeniably priceless. And as the weekend rookie mini camp arrived, Wiegmann had certainly made an impact serving as an inspiration to the greenhorns.

Seth Olsen, a new recruit of the Broncos from Iowa Hakeyes shared what the veteran had advised him. Wiegmann told him to be focused and to learn as much as he can, be a sponge, and just try to absorb everything.

Harris said that Wiegmann’s ways makes him a communicator, which happens to be, possibly, one of the most significant factors that the offensive linemen should keep in mind: to communicate quickly and clearly with each other. And as the communication is enhanced, the team got to move faster and got to play more efficient.

Blake Schlueter, another newly recruit center for the Broncos, highly praised the offensive line’s communication as amazing, and it is not difficult to figure out why the group has been so successful. Schlueter even added that everyone just jells together very well, and having that good relationship among the team just simply paid off well.

As the Broncos offensive linemen already set its record just in their first season together, what the group is looking forward to is how Head Coach Josh McDaniels’ offensive schemes, together with Running Backs Coach Bobby Turner’s and Offensive Line Coach Rick Dennison’s techniques will even surpass their performance last year. Hopefully, this year’s season will be a lot better, and through communication, that is definitely attainable.

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