Houston Texans needs a Dunta Robinson

Cornerback Dunta Robinson has been staying in New Jersey as his agents negotiate about his contract with the Houston Texans. Surprisingly, the cornerback showed up for the Texans’ youth football camp and helped his teammates linebacker DeMeco Ryans and wide receiver Andre Johnson facilitate in the event.

Between the drills, Dunta is giving updates about his situation with the Texans, specially his contract with the team. Dunta explained that he understands that it’s the franchise’s business and he knows it’s nothing personal. The only thing that he had been so affected was when the team used a tag on him, in whom Dunta admitted, felt betrayed.

Dunta made it clear that all he wants to do is just to try to get what he thinks he deserves. And despite of the scenario, Dunta still pays high credit to his team; telling that the Houston Texans is the team that gave him the chance to show what he got and he definitely wants to be a part of it. He even pointed out that he’d love to retire being a Texan.

Although Dunta had not been visible during their offseason workouts, he, still, has a constant communication with selected teammates, who had been supportive to him since the franchise tag incident.

Andre Johnson shared his feelings about Robinson’s absence. It feels different, especially if you are close to your teammate, that’s what Andre told about Dunta. Johnson added that he, Dunta and DeMeco were the closest guys and it doesn’t feel the same if one of them is not around.

DeMeco Ryans as well, was having some contract issues, making him missed two weeks of the Texans’ offseason workout program. But after a while, the linebacker decided to come back and let his agents handle the problem. DeMeco shared that he really appreciates the support that his teammates have been giving him, and he believes that Dunta will overcome those issues and hopefully be back for good soon.

Ryans explains the importance of support for each other. As these players technically belongs on the same team, on one family. And being a family, they have to love and support each other. Ryans pointed out that the Texans definitely needs a Dunta Robinson, and Ryans knows Robinson will indeed be ready for action this coming season.

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