Ward honored to be a pure Pittsburgh Steeler

Hines Ward exclaimed that it is a big honor to start with his career, and eventually end up wearing a Pittsburgh Steeler Jersey.

Hines Ward, a ten year veteran wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, shares his thoughts about how privileged he is being started as a Steeler, and still being a Steeler ten years later. He told that not too many players are given that opportunity, to play his entire career belonging to a sole team. And as the Steelers signed him a four-year contract extension last April 25, 2009, Ward is pretty sure that before his playing days in the field will be over, he has definitely a few more seasons left to play for his beloved team.

Hines Ward was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 3rd round of the 1998 NFL Draft. In his pro career, Ward had already been into 4 Pro Bowl from the 2001 till the 2004 season. He was also named to 3 team MVPs, one of them was on Super Bowl XL on February 5, 2006, when he was the Most Valuable Player, as the team won 21-10. Ward was also shown in action as being the all-time leading receiver for the Steelers, on November 27, 2005, with Hines’ 538th catch versus the Cleveland Browns, finishing the game in favor of the Steelers.

Aside from Ward’s goal to arrive at his 10,000 yards in his professional career, which is just 220 yards away, one incredible record he did in the history was to surpass wide receivers Lynn Swann and John Stallworth along the way, which he quoted as crazy! Ward even added that he’d never thought he can ever do that, and having done that, in fact, Ward doesn’t know what more to ask for.

Maybe the answer is a few more Super Bowl rings, as the WR veteran has nothing in mind but to play his remaining games with the team, and win the Super Bowl titles for the Steelers.

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