More than just Dhani of the Cincinnati Bengals

Dhani Makalani Jones pronounced as dah-HA-nee, is known to be the NFL linebacker for the the Cincinnati Bengals. But more than that, Dhani is also into basketball, wrestling, an avid bicyclist, actor, TV analyst, photographer, an accomplished bowtie company owner, musician, a traveler, and more! A traveler? Yes! In his recent series Dhani Tackles the Globe,” which airs every Monday at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel, Dhani travels around the globe, exploring every country, every city, and every locale, where he endeavors to communicate with the community, discovering their culture and history, and exploring what the community has to offer to the public (the bests places to eat, drink, shop, etc.) and shares it to the viewers.
Through the show, and through Dhani, the series aims to show the connection between sports and culture of each locality. Every filming of each episode seemed to be a new experience for the 31 year old bachelor. There had been Dhani learning the Thai culture and the martial art of Muay Thai in Thailand; playing the sport of Schwingen in Switzerland; experienced dragon boat racing in Singapore; learned the art of kickboxing in Cambodia; exploring what it takes to be an Australian Surf Life Saver; and many more. Surely, Dhani loves his job, where he can truly say he’s enjoying the best of both worlds- that is, sports, and traveling.
But the trick is how can he manage to divide his time for taping, for the game practice, and for other important endeavors this busy man is engaged with? Surprisingly, Dhani managed to split his hectic schedule to travel between San Diego, New York, Cincinnati, and even to Washington D.C., to visit his family as often as he can. In fact, there were times where he had missed the Bengals offseason workouts because of the film, but Dhani, on the other hand, haven’t shown any regrets telling he’s taking his chances and it was a risk that he has to take.
Definitely, there’s nothing to stop the 10 year veteran from moving and fulfilling his dreams. Jones told that he wants to expand his knowledge, explore the world, and share them all to the people as much as he can.

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