CB Bryant of the Pittsburgh Steelers, retires at 32

Another name to end his career in the NFL, CB Fernando Bryant.

Bryant, at 32, said his agent Drew Rosenhaus on June 23 that the cornerback is going to retire, thus ending his 10 years of career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He became a part of the Steelers on November 11, 2008, although he wasn’t seen much action during any of the Steelers play off games, not even on their Super Bowl XLIII triumph.

Bryant was originally drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars as 26th overall pick during the 1999 NFL Draft. Bryant has played his first five seasons as CB for the Jaguars. After that, on 2004, Bryant signed as a free agent for the Detroit Lions, where he became a part of the Lions for 4 seasons, until he was released on February 25, 2008. And almost only a month after, Fernando signed a one-year contract with the Patriots, although he was cut by the team just on August 30 of the same year, until be became a part of the Steelers and until he announced his retirement with them.

If we can recall, The Pittsburgh Steelers released rookie Donovan Woods to give way for CB no. 31, although Woods re-signed with the Steelers on November 8, 2008.

Just like every other player who have turned 30 and up, Bryant now ends his 10 years of NFL career. Many of them will say it’s just the numbers, although some may also see it relevant, that age really comes as a factor, especially in football. But whatever they reason will be, sure Bryant have collected plenty enough of memories and experiences during a decade long of his NFL life.

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