Sanchez vs. Clemens, For New York Jets’ QB

It is confirmed, June 10, when Mark Sanchez signed a $60 million bucks worth of deal with the New York Jets, having $28 million guarantee.

During the Jets minicamp, Sanchez showed the hype hitting Wright short, for a 17-yard touchdown pass. Together with the rookie, Coach Rex Ryan also commented on Eric Smith, Marques Murrell, as well as Wallace Wright, who have exceptionally preformed during their minicamp.

Going back to Sanchez, Ryan indeed feels the battling between Sanchez and Clemens, for the starting quarterback position.

Clemens, as we can recall, recently was the first option for the New York Jets, to play as their starting QB, since Brett Favre has already retired. But with the presence now of Mark Sanchez who is indeed showing a great potential, there will now be a big question mark to answer and to find out whose gonna be the man to lead their offense.

Clemens, however, remains cool about it. He even told that the deal with Sanchez was surely out of his business. And being the highest paid player doesn’t conclude that he’s going to be the man to play; but instead, the best player, is the one who’s definitely had to take the spot.

Coach Ryan told that it’s really gonna be a dogfight between the two. And when the right time comes, they will then decide whose going to be the man to play the offense.

The Jets’ full team practices is projected to finish till July 31, and until their training camp holds, maybe that’s the perfect deciding point, where the competition for the New York Jet’s quarterback will start to heat up, and later on, be concluded.

Who do you think will win the battle? The newly drafted Sanchez? Or Clemens who had been with the Jets since the 2006 season? Do you think there’s really an issue having Sanchez to receive such a big deal?

We just hope that whosoever going to be the Jet’s starting quarterback, he will surely drive the Jet’s offense towards its victory; and will definitely drive all the fans as well, to cheer and shout for them in this coming 2009 season.

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