CB Bryant of the Pittsburgh Steelers, retires at 32

Another name to end his career in the NFL, CB Fernando Bryant.

Bryant, at 32, said his agent Drew Rosenhaus on June 23 that the cornerback is going to retire, thus ending his 10 years of career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He became a part of the Steelers on November 11, 2008, although he wasn’t seen much action during any of the Steelers play off games, not even on their Super Bowl XLIII triumph.

Bryant was originally drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars as 26th overall pick during the 1999 NFL Draft. Bryant has played his first five seasons as CB for the Jaguars. After that, on 2004, Bryant signed as a free agent for the Detroit Lions, where he became a part of the Lions for 4 seasons, until he was released on February 25, 2008. And almost only a month after, Fernando signed a one-year contract with the Patriots, although he was cut by the team just on August 30 of the same year, until be became a part of the Steelers and until he announced his retirement with them.

If we can recall, The Pittsburgh Steelers released rookie Donovan Woods to give way for CB no. 31, although Woods re-signed with the Steelers on November 8, 2008.

Just like every other player who have turned 30 and up, Bryant now ends his 10 years of NFL career. Many of them will say it’s just the numbers, although some may also see it relevant, that age really comes as a factor, especially in football. But whatever they reason will be, sure Bryant have collected plenty enough of memories and experiences during a decade long of his NFL life.

Detroit Lions, torn between Stafford and Culpepper

Now that the 2009 NFL season is yet to open, some teams haven’t yet decided or are still in the “fuzz” of who’s going to be the starting player to play their offense.

Those teams include the Detroit Lions, where they are torn between the rookie John Matthew Stafford and the three-time Pro Bowl selection Daunte Richard Culpepper.

Hmm… does that sounded a bit unjust for you? Nothing to worry or feel bad about. In fact, many critics and analysts have predicted Stafford to play the starting position on week 1.

Anyway, Lions wouldn’t sign up the rookie for a $78M worth of contract deal with almost $42M guarantee, for nothing! That amount sure has to mean something, plus the fact that he was drafted 1st overall on the 2009 NFL Draft- indeed the Lions has really big plans for this guy.

Although Coach Schwart haven’t disclosed anything regarding whose going to be the opener on the game on Sept. 13, he always pertain to the best player- to take the place as their starting QB and thus- play the offense of the team.

In a little time, we’ll all find out and will either be glad or shocked, on who’s going to take that spot for the starting QB’s position of the Detroit Lions.

However, we are to expect a head-to-head battle between these two gentlemen who both seem so urged to get the position.

Stafford said during an interview that he has the mind-set to play the starting QB job for the Lions on the week 1 of this season. And that seeing other players to do their trainings very well, such as Daunte, makes him more inspired and motivated to play and make it even better for himself.

Culpepper, on the other hand, feels the same adrenaline as well. He too, believes that he’s going to be the man to play their offense, and thus to win the division. In fact, Culpepper is really making a great effort to show his potential as he comes back with a lot of trainings and discipline, including losing some weight. And Schwart have noticed that in fact, but still wouldn’t close any statements as of the moment.

Who do you think will get the spot for the Lion’s starting QB? We want to hear from you!

Favre, the future starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings?-PART 2

Viking Head Coach Brad Childress talks about Favre’s possible chances to be a Vikings.

During an interview, Childress addresses Favre’s repaired throwing shoulder to be “pain free.”

Childress did close any statements regarding the status of whether Favre is going to play for the Vikings or not. Also, we are all aware that Favre’s doctor told, even Favre himself, that the outcome of his surgery can be known in a month or more from now. And he may have had his throwing shoulder repaired successfully, the quarterback veteran still needs to undergo a lot of trainings and medications until he is 100% sure that he can perform exactly like how he did before.

And now, that’s going to be a big question. Will the Brett Favre before can still perform well or even better with Favre’s shoulder’s condition? And will the Vikings can count on him as the playmaker of the team? Surely he’s an excellent football star, may be during his earlier years, but a lot better QBs emerging this time, will he still be able to surpass their performances?

If you can observe, the Viking still feels the need for a good QB to play their offense. The quarterback’s position for the Minnesota Vikings is known to be one of the few weak spots of the team that needs to be given some close attention and further tuning, especially now that the NFL season is yet to come.

Let us just all wait and see what will be the future, for both Favre and the Vikings.

Favre, the future starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings?

The ever controversial Brett Favre thinks about coming out of his retirement…again.

After Brett’s “latest” retirement, The New York Jets being the last team he had played for, and who had formerly grant his release last May 2009, last June 15, it was said that Favre’s most likely considering playing again in the NFL, probably with the Minnesota Vikings.

Although Favre said that he had just undergone surgery on his arm, and it will still take him some weeks before finally concluding if he can or cannot play, and if he’s throwing arm will be all good for the coming season.

About the speculated arrangements with the Vikings for his allegedly return, Favre told that Vikings coach Brad Childress wanted him to attend the Minessota Viking’s recent team activities; but Favre declined to, so as to avoid some media frenzies once they saw him there; then after a few weeks, if the result of his rehab is not good, it will create another issue with the media, why he suddenly will not be available to play?! And to cut it short, Favre admit that he had some talks with the Vikings, but very occasionally for that matter, and that the team has not plans, as what he knows, on assessing his readiness to play.

As you can remember, Favre has already talked about retiring for the Nth time now. Recalling the first time he did decide for his retirement was when he was with the Green Bay Packers last 2008. There have been some issues and legal matters that had cause more conflict between Favre and the Packers, until his petition was at last granted on August 2008, and in which later on, Favre was traded by the Packers to the Jets.
After the season with Jets, Favre once again decided to retire, and told that is was for good.

And now, after 4-5 weeks, with the condition of his arm, say if it is good, do you think Favre will go for the 2009 season once more? Do you think Vikings will be ready to accept him as their new starting quarterback, and not just a backup? We’ll all find out, after some few weeks, and until the NFL season starts. And we’ll try to keep you posted with that.

Sanchez vs. Clemens, For New York Jets’ QB

It is confirmed, June 10, when Mark Sanchez signed a $60 million bucks worth of deal with the New York Jets, having $28 million guarantee.

During the Jets minicamp, Sanchez showed the hype hitting Wright short, for a 17-yard touchdown pass. Together with the rookie, Coach Rex Ryan also commented on Eric Smith, Marques Murrell, as well as Wallace Wright, who have exceptionally preformed during their minicamp.

Going back to Sanchez, Ryan indeed feels the battling between Sanchez and Clemens, for the starting quarterback position.

Clemens, as we can recall, recently was the first option for the New York Jets, to play as their starting QB, since Brett Favre has already retired. But with the presence now of Mark Sanchez who is indeed showing a great potential, there will now be a big question mark to answer and to find out whose gonna be the man to lead their offense.

Clemens, however, remains cool about it. He even told that the deal with Sanchez was surely out of his business. And being the highest paid player doesn’t conclude that he’s going to be the man to play; but instead, the best player, is the one who’s definitely had to take the spot.

Coach Ryan told that it’s really gonna be a dogfight between the two. And when the right time comes, they will then decide whose going to be the man to play the offense.

The Jets’ full team practices is projected to finish till July 31, and until their training camp holds, maybe that’s the perfect deciding point, where the competition for the New York Jet’s quarterback will start to heat up, and later on, be concluded.

Who do you think will win the battle? The newly drafted Sanchez? Or Clemens who had been with the Jets since the 2006 season? Do you think there’s really an issue having Sanchez to receive such a big deal?

We just hope that whosoever going to be the Jet’s starting quarterback, he will surely drive the Jet’s offense towards its victory; and will definitely drive all the fans as well, to cheer and shout for them in this coming 2009 season.

Matt Cassel, The New Quarterback Of The Kansas City Chiefs

Now that Brady’s back in shape to get in action, Matt Cassel, who was previously assigned as the Patriots QB for Brady’s replacement, is now traded to his new team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to Matt Cassel’s interview with NFL’s senior columnist Vic Carucci, Cassel is indeed very excited and in fact, has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, that is, to finally get to have his own team for the last 8 years.

“Now I’m a Kansas City Chief, I know it’s gonna come true, and I’m excited and eager to get out there, and get to work everyday,” Cassel told in the interview.

During the Chiefs mandatory minicamp, all the players of the Kansas City Chiefs assembled and met in the field, together with their new quarterback. Even if Head Coach Todd Haley didn’t give any clue, many predict that Cassel will play as the starter in this coming 2009 season opener for the Chiefs.

Cassel’s new teammate WR Bobby Engram says he’s very impressed with the guy. Engram told that Cassel has really shown that he’s going to be the man that the team can really rely on.

Cassel added on his interview that Tom Brady, with Cassel’s time with the Patriots, had taught him a lot, and that every time he goes out in the field, he still follows everything the great QB has taught him. Cassel even mentioned that “Tom Brady has took me under his wings, and just taught me everything that I need to know about playing the position.”

As we can recall, Brady’s injury last season was cause by Bernard Pollard, which happens to be the safety of Kansas City Chiefs. And now that Cassel, which had once fill the position for Tom, becomes be a part of the team who actually cause the trouble to his previous team; and at the same time, the reason why he was given the opportunity to play as the quarterback for the Patriots. Cassel, on the other hand, told that he personally thinks that the hit was unintentional and just a part of the game.

Head Coach Haley also showed some good impression about the team’s newest quarterback. He told that Cassel has really shown how to be a leader for his team. Haley also added that they want their QBs to really work hard, and Cassel has definitely shown and impressed him with that.

Houston Texans Sells Sponsorships For Practice Jerseys

The Houston Texans grabs the chance to sell sponsorships on their practice jerseys.

With this new NFL rule, the Texans are taking the advantage of selling sponsorship patches, to be placed on the left shoulder of their jerseys.

Aside from this new rule, the NFL also allowed the teams to have their logos at the back of the playing cards, to be sold by the lotteries on their respective places.

However, the NFL only allowed this for practice jerseys, but not on game jerseys.

This week, the Texans have attached their bull head emblems on their uniforms, showing an indication for prospective customers where the small sponsorship patches (which should be around 3.5 by 4.5 inches) will be placed.

Due to the economic situation, even the world of sports is now trying to make efforts to find more ways in gaining extra revenues. Although according to the Texans President Jamey Rootes, the move has nothing to do with the economic behavior we are experiencing today. And more than anything, setting the economy trend aside, their main goal is to look for more innovative means to gain revenue, so that in return, they will be more focused on their on-field products, and with that, they will be able to share more fun and satisfaction to their fans and supporters.

Rootes added that the sponsorship patch is just a part of an expected bigger market affiliation with potential sponsors.

While some are giving negative speculations about this move, let us just respect the Texans decision regarding this matter. Anyway, their intentions are good, as explain by Rootes, (plus it is allowed in the rules) and is carefully decided for the benefit of all.

Lenon, Fills The Need Of The New England Patriots For A New LB

May 27, 2009, when Paris Lenon, the former linebacker of the Detroit Lions, signed with his new team – the New England Patriots.

Lenon is going to fill the position of LB McKenzie. As we can recall, Tyrone McKenzie was drafted by the Patriots during the 2009 NFL Draft. But during the rookie minicamp, McKenzie was badly injured on his right knee resulting to torn ACL. With that, McKenzie will not be able to play for the entire season.

Lenon has marked his career best during the 2007 season with the Detroit Lions, where he totaled 116 tackles (in which 86 of them are solo), 2 forced fumbles and 1 interception. Last season, he also led the Lions with 12 tackles versus the Tennessee Titans. Also the same season, Lenon soar leading the team against the Minnesota Vikings with 13 tackles, 2 forced fumbles and half a sack.

Before Lenon’s three-season career with the Lions, he has also been with the Green Bay Packers for two times, totaling of four seasons with the team. Aside from that, Lenon has already been with the Carolina Panthers (where he was originally an undrafted free agent in 2000), also had been a member of the Seattle Seahawks, as well as the Memphis Maniax of the XFL.

The 31 year old veteran having spent his seven years with the NFL has surely a lot to offer to his new team. The Patriots indeed believes that this move will surely benefit the team for the coming 2009 season.

Brady Of The New England Patriots, Getting Ready For The 2009 Season

At last, Tom Brady is back in shape and once more ready for action for the 2009 season.

The 31 year old veteran attended on the New England Patriots OTA days for the first time, after suffering a serious injury on the left knee, which lead his absence for the remaining of the 2008 season.

According to Patriots spokesman Stacey James, Brady already go through his normal practice by throwing passes and other similar activities, just like the rest of the team.

As we can recall, during the Patriots opener against the Kansas City Chiefs on the 2008 season, Brady was hit by safety Bernard Pollard, causing Brady a serious injury on his left knee. With the incident, it was later revealed that Brady was placed on injured reserved, and needs to undergo surgery, for suspected torn MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) and ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament).

October last year, Brady at last confirmed that he had undergone 2 knee surgeries, and had 2 more to go, because of some post surgery complications. He has in fact undergone ACL reconstruction, as well as MCL repair.

However, his doctor announced that Brady is recovering very well.

And with Brady’s fast improvement, it shows that the Patriot’s QB will indeed be ready for their season opener against the Buffalo Bills on Sept. 14.

On the other hand, quarterback Matt Cassel, who took Brady’s spot during his absence, was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs last Feb. 28.

Brady is indeed very positive about his situation. He’s glad that there are no restrictions or pain he felt with his movements. He also feels great to back, training with his teammates, and work together to prepare and do their best for the 2009 season.

Minnesota Vikings Joined the 2009 Race for the Cure

The Minnesota Vikings Team joined the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure last Mother’s day to contribute to breast cancer awareness move and to give honor to all breast cancer victims and survivors, as well as those who are just currently battling the disease.

The Vikings members and staff, together with their families joined the 5K run/walk along with the nearly 50,000 individuals, who joined together to help raise money for breast cancer awareness, education and research.

Some of the Vikings who were sighted in the event were LB Chad Greenway, QB John David Booty, OL Brian Daniels, and safety Eric Frampton, Viktor the Viking, and a handful of Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders.

During the event, aside from the participants in the 5k walk/run, a number of booths were also set up for the race. Including them were a Panera stand, a Caribou tent who gives away coffees, and the Vikings booth as well, attended by some of the Vikings players.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, together with its partners, supporters, and contributors, is known to be a global leader against breast cancer. Since 1982, the organization has already invested more than a billion dollars in its dedication to fight breast cancer all over the globe.

Thanks to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, to all breast cancer fighters, to all the participants in the run, and to every people who help in cancer awareness-that through their own little way, they can be a medium to help spread breast cancer awareness throughout the globe, so that people, especially women, will be educated and enlightened not to fear the diseases but to face it and fight it, and later on save more lives.

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